Body shaming

I was a fatty girl since my childhood, and body shaming already tainted my grown up process happened long time ago before this issue been highlighted nowadays.

Calling by names,bad nick name it,i already been get through this hell situasion since my 5 years old. The person that responsible to do it non other than my own parents and close relatives.

I still remember when there’s a family gathering, my parents using a shameful names like ‘sontutu’ which is means fatty girl in my mother tongue. I felt so ashamed and pushing myself in the corner to sheild my feeling and afraid to became a showbiz at that time. That is why i seldom make an appearance in the family gathering until now, it is i want to protect myself and my feeling from hurting and avoid the awkard situasion.

Then,when in my year school and teenager time, i still can’t avoid the body shaming culture. When i’m about 10 years old, i really want to anticipate on my dancing class. However my teacher did not pick me because i’m too fat for the dancing costume, another shameful rejection and situation i had to face. From that onwards, i make a shield to myself to protect my feeling by never give any volunteer gesture again because i don’t another hurtful rejection by body shaming my physical.

I used to wear a big t-shirt and baggy trousers to hideup my fatty body from any body shaming comments from my parents and relatives. Puberty was hitting me up by having a bad acne problem and adding this misery. The self esteem and confidence was on the lowest part of my life at that time. It is also make me to swear that i’ll never make a body shaming comment for my future child if i have any and of course for the communities.

The only person that sincerely embracing my fatty apperance is my husband. When i was 17 years old, he make a move to knowing me from one of my classmate. I was ignoring him for a years because i was afraid he just making a fun of me and giving a false hope. God already creating a beautiful story of each one of us, that’s also happen to me. After a years, we met again after my husband getting my phone number from my sister and the rest became our history =).

What i want to emphasize is,body shaming is a serious matter when it is effecting somebody life and no trustworthy anymore. Our world already having a millon problems despite of this unknown end of pandemic, let be nice to human being by not adding a body shaming another cause of somebody taking their own life. Until then,have a nice day and bye for now.