Money for living?

I just got my monthly salary recently, as a person who waiting paycheck by paycheck i have to do budgeting and allocate my expanses so that i don’t overspend until the next salary. I grew up with having been thought that money is a devil root, because it makes a person become bad because of living a money. That why i don’t have a proper saving because of this myth that rooted in my head,until i get myself into trouble of debt that make me realised that i am the one is devil and foolish enough to get into money trouble.

That is why i get up and make up my mind to change my own mindset of money by making this few steps that i would like to share. I make this few steps by reading books about financial,follow some influencer from various social media and enroll some webinars.

Few years ago, i starting tracking my expenses by write it down on my financial planner. I am a fussy one so that i buy a fancy financial planner so that i was more courage to write down my daily expenses. But i tell is not easy for me as i tend to forgot to write down and most of the time i was frustrated whenever i saw the amount of the expenses i’ve spent that day. However i did not give up and re-do again every time i spent my daily expenses. It takes me 5 years to do it in a proper way and on my fifth year of practising this method, i manage to use my financial planner until the end of that year.

While using the financial planner, i make a list to buy or to pay so that i will not overspend the money. I also using a colourful paper to wrote down the list,so that i have a courage to stick on the list b 😉 . Of course this method also make me take a time to really stick on the list that i wrote,because most of the time i end up adding up the unlisted thing and overspend the money. Practice this method did not end me to became a perfect in budgeting but at least i stay in the ground during doing the shopping thing and my money just not get wasted with unused things.

I also practising every time during salary day,i put 10% of the salary to my saving account. Of course the amount is not a fancy one as my salary also just fit as a middle class one,but for me at least i had the effort to set a side my salary for saving. I believe whatever amount that i choose to save up,most important thing is my courage and consistency to save up every time my salary day arrive.

Beside of that, i also make a saving by put five dollar in my piggy bank every time i do my shopping. I choose this amount because for me,this amount easy for me to calculate and easy to remember to make a saving.

All of this methods that i had share,i still keep practising and percentage of whether this is really work or not is depend on our attitude and determination to upgrade our financial journey. I admit that it is not an easy road when i chose to make changes in related to money,but i do know that i have to do something to get out from making more huge mistakes and regret for the rest of my life.

For those that still struggling in adjusting regarding financial matter,don’t give up,have a courage and seek for the professional person for a help. Money is not a root of devil or evil,but it is our own attitude that making our situation rooting ourself to become a devil… see you again for the next post,stay safe and healthy. Have a nice day 🙂

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