Welcoming for the new month and new strength

I’ve been missing for couple of weeks as i was isolated and been quarantine after infected by the Covid-19, and yes i was so devastated after getting my result after i went to checking my RTK test after having a symptom. It was a nightmare to me as everyone know it is a deadliest disease at the moment. Thanks God and the emotional support i get from my family and colleagues by not giving me a stigma. I hope this world will become a better one for us to do our daily living normally.

That is why when the month of October arrived, i was grateful as a new month and new strength i have embrace to continue my daily living despite of i still in recovery phase of post Covid.

During my quarantine phase i was resting well to regain my health and motivation, i was doing a light exercise like deep breathing exercise. I referred a right technique from watching Youtube by professional physiotherapy that uploading their content. I was continue doing this technique for now as i still having long Covid and getting tired easily when walking in the fast pace, but i know with the strength that i have i can overcome this phase soon ๐Ÿ™‚

With a new month, i hope i can maintain my healthy lifestyle as i starting to cut down the rice taking. This is because i feel dizzy when i eating my meal with the rice and this occurred during i was on my quarantine phase and i thought maybe because i had lost my sense of smell and taste,however this continue until now and every time i taking my meal with rice i feel the same. How strange it is, so i decide to cut down my rice intake.

Still about the healthy lifestyle that i began to practice is drinking a cup or two of green tea. During my quarantine phase, my husband making me a cup of tea daily. This is relieving my blocking nose and i feel relax at the time whenever i taking it. So i decide to continue drinking green tea as i feel relax and content with myself when i drink it.

I also starting my routine of hiking, however i notice that i still struggling to maintain my breath and getting easily tired. So i decide not to force myself and doing other easy exercise by doing a breeze walk. I don’t know how long i will have to endure this,but with the strength that i have i believe this too shall pass.

Starting this month i restart doing my journal, i had done my journal long time ago but because of my busy schedule this hobby of mine had been forgotten. During the quarantine phase, i’m asking my husband to give a note book for me to drawing but i was end up making a journal and i decide to continue my long forgotten hobby and i was content doing my daily journaling and hoping this will continue as long as i happy to doing it!

October is also a Rosary prayer month for us the Catholic, i already starting my Rosary prayer on 1st of October as i don’t have a time to do it for the last few years. I was feeling grateful for the event that i had get through along my quarantine phase, as it is a sign for me to repent and making my daily routine by praying. As i was neglected my inner peace by not taking a prayer as a tool of peace of my own soul, i am glad for having the compassion experience to make a peace with my own inner soul.

This new month i honestly regain my strength to continue my life and daily routine eventhough there’s no guarantee for us if we can make it through until the end of year 2021. I’m hoping for the best of everyday by saying my gratitude through the prayer, and i’m praying for all of those who reading my post for having a good health, happy and enjoying life. Till meet again on my next post, stay safe everyone ๐Ÿ™‚



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