Living beyond our will

My lovely parents

When i choosing a picture to be uploaded for my story this time, i choose my the above picture that i’ve attached. It is because my parents struggling to make sure our life as complete like other kids in our neighbourhood so that i’m with my sibling did not been left out from getting a comfortable life. During the journey of my adulthood, i keep study hard to get a good result and getting a good job to repay our parents sacrifices.

However when i completed my study and getting a job, i found out that repaying my parents effort with the money is not enough as my job need me to standby 24/7 of saving others life. While my parents have to wait for my off day to accompany them when they’re sick. All the time i feel frustrated with myself and my situation as i cannot give a best time for them by looking after them properly. That’s when my mother give me an advice to live a life beyond the will, it saddened me but that the bitter truth i have swallow despite of getting paid by salary and give them a comfortable life.

It is also happen during i want to buy my first car during i getting my salary on my first year as a nurse. I already have a dream to buy a MPV car so that our parents and my siblings can get fit inside during our vacation, but during that time my saving as i a side for buying a car only make me to qualify to buy a small car. Once again i feel useless and frustrated for not able to take all my family together when we planning any vacation. And once again my mother tell me again to living beyond our will and appreciate everything that i already achieve.

Because of the struggle that i had on my childhood time, i try as best as i can to not overspend on my budget as i really afraid i will not get enough money until the end of the month. I still tracking my expenses every time i purchased a thing, and sometimes i tend to regret after i buying something fancy for myself as i remember that my parents didn’t get a chance to buy that thing during their youth time. I don’t know if this is normal to have a feeling like that, but one thing for sure i still living my life beyond my will.

Even i living beyond my will, i still get involved myself a debt as i had make a foolish decision long time ago. And i still struggle to paying it up paycheck by paycheck despite of living my life beyond my will.

Hopefully my story will give some lesson on you for living a life beyond a will, regardless of whatever you do and plan ahead of your life. Till we meet again on next story,stay safe everyone.

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