something to ponder

I was still in shock as i received a sad news regarding one of my relative loss in the battle of the COVID-19. How sad to think that this life is so unfair, but in this unpredictable situation it makes me to ponder something about this short life.

Starting appreciate life.

In the blink of an eye, we could lose our precious moment,people that we love,our own life and wealth. If before this, i like to grumble over a things or related to my work and workplace, but when i encounter losing a relative i began to ponder to starting appreciating everything in my life. Regardless of how hard this life i have to face, compare to the situation if i didn’t have a chance to do the things i love,hug my love ones and enjoying my favourite meals, i decided to appreciate the things and time that i had and taking picture as many as i want.

Don’t compare our life to another

I know that we already heard this words over and over again, but it is true that if we don’t compare our life to another one we become less depress. I used to compared my life with my friends as most of them already had a stable life by owning a house, a company,secure financial etc. While i still work with a havoc schedule,burden with debt, i always comparing myself to them until it’s lead me to depression and i have to get a counselling from the expert one. I struggle for a few years until one late night, i could not bear anymore, i said to myself enough is enough and i make a vow to myself DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANOTHER. Of course it is ain’t an easy one, but something to ponder in ourself is give us a time to our own pace time and stop compare our life.

Writing a journal

I know not everyone like to write a journal, as it is more like to teenager things. However for me this is a powerful way to keep a memory and give us encouragement in whatever we wish for. Just grab a note book or if you need a good starting, try to buy a beautiful one then write down whatever crossing in your mind. If you don’t want anyone to read the journal, i suggest put it in the cupboard or in the place that only you will know it!

Taking a picture

Usually i will take a picture during on the special occasion like christmas celebration,on birthday party, but after what happen i began to take a picture whenever i go out during running an errands. I know i get complaint by my husband as he said i am too obsessed taking picture for my socmed. But for me,the time and the picture that i take will never come back.

My suggestion might not be your liking, i just stating my point that in this hardship of life we have to find our own strength to continue running our own pace time by not too hard on ourself. When we have something to ponder, at least we know what the purpose we need and we want to achieve in our life and lives. Till we meet again in the next one, stay safe everyone =).

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