Welcome september

September is my favourite month, as this month is the month of celebration of birth of me, my husband and my father. Sharing a birthday month with my love ones make me feel blissful and of course it’s saves time and money to celebrate it =).

This new month also bring hope to all of us by hoping this no-end pandemic will have at least a good hope by subsiding the death cases. Many of us already suffer enough hitting by this pandemic, hoping this month bring a new hope to us.

I’m sharing with my usual activities during my favourite month, as september also a month that will begin to have cold wind and heavy rain in my place.

During on september month, i’m with my husband usually having a trip to our local place to have a tour and playing like a tourist. Last year we went to strawberry farm and celebrating our birthday by picking up the fresh strawberry, and making some Vlog about it.

On the september month, i’m with my sibling also arranging a birthday party for our father and celebrating it together with the september babies among my family members. It is because most of my relatives are born in this month, so making a merrier birthday party. How i missed those time..

September also a christmas aura, as a plant that we called christmas flower will start to bloom by this month. I always love to see this this flower whenever i go back to my village, it is growing wildly in our backyard and the christmas atmosphere really hit me so hard.

During this month, usually i will rewarding myself by buying a new thing to myself as to celebrate myself as turning to the new age. This time around, i still don’t have any idea what will i buy to myself as i was grounded by my job. Hopefully something useful will pop out from my head to get me something new one.

Whatever activities i have plan for this month, i really hope something good hope for the earth to recover from this pandemic. It is because september is a beautiful month to make a new adventure and discover ourself, not by tagging a quote ” wake me up when september end” as this september is a new month for us to make a useful and meaningful memory in our life.

Till we meet again on the next chapter, stay safe everyone.

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