How to keep own sanity during day off from work.

Every time when i was on my day off, i often keep my sanity by doing some ‘selfish’ method. It is because, for me day off is a precious time for me to have a good rest, spend time with my family. Of course to keep our own sanity during day off is to maintain our mental healthiness and to detached from the negatives vibe that we had been go through during work time.

Here is some of the tips that i would like to share:

1. Switch off the phone.

During my day off, i always switch off my phone from getting any call from my superior or colleagues. I did not put in silence mode as i tend to have a ‘soft heart’ to pick it up as i felt guilty when i didn’t pick it up. So to avoid me from having me an over-thinking for whole day, i rather switch off my phone and enjoy my day off without any guilt!

2. Having second/another mobile phone

Because i tend to switch off my phone during day off, i have another mobile phone which is i called ‘ghost phone’. This ‘ghost phone’ i used for family members, ex-classmate, business thing whatsapp group. This number only for the i mentioned so that any emergency or urgent matter, they can get through and i didn’t miss anything.

3. Reading book

I suggest to read a good book that can enhance our mood by reading such as self improvement book or bibliography one. By reading a kind of book, it gives me some inspiration and idea to take a step of changing our vision life perspective.

4. Praying / meditation

During my off day, i realise that i praying more peaceful and more concentrate compare to during my working day. It is because i was in rush and sometime i just make a simple and quick prayer for showing my gratitude. So during my day off, i take my time for praying peacefully than the usual time as i take it as to replace my rushing time with the GOD. Some of you can perform a meditation despite of our different beliefs to show our peace of mind.

5. Listening to favourite music

On the off day, i always put my favourite records from spotify or youtube music to keep my mind calmness. Music as we know is the powerful tools to make us feel better and empower especially when we have our favourite song.

6. Singing favourite song

Eventhough i don’t have an angelic voice to sing, but i always doing this during my day off. I sung my fovourite song out of my lungs and i feel all my stress out and a weigh that i carry on my shoulder feel just been lift up. Usually i sing a powerful song like a song Unstoppable by singer Sia.

7. Make something creative

During my day off, i also spent my time doing some creative activity like colouring a book to stress free myself. There’s colouring book for adult to relieve a stress and it is also leash out my inner child from that!

It is just a few tips that i able to share with you. I believe some of you have another or your own method on how you spend your time during day off.

Hopefully this time sharing that i wrote can give some idea for you to apply it =). Until we meet again on my next post…stay safe everybody.

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