If you don’t have something nice to say,just keep quite!

I was on night duty last 2 night ago, i was attended a mother who just having complete miscarriage and been isolated from the other mothers as she developed fever during her staying. A PCR test had been taken and while awaiting for the result she had to be quarantine to our isolation room. While i administered her antibiotic, i was stay with her while waiting for the intravenous of antibiotic finishing.

I am asking her if she still feeling feverish or had any discomfort, she smiling and said she is fine and just worried about her husband at home. I asked again if she already get or register for a vaccination, she promptly answered that she’s not yet get and register a vaccination and will decide to do it once she’s been discharged from the hospitalization. Then, she casually open up her story how she felt about her current pregnancy and having this miscarriage, her husband felt devastated as they hoping having child together after a few months of their marriage. This is her second union and she also tell me how she met her current husband. All the time i was listening while adjusting the antibiotic, sometimes i was nodding as a sign that i was listening to her story despite on full PPE that get me feel irritated and hot. All of her story i can described too “personal” and “intimate” to share with a stranger like me, but it seemed like the mother so comfortable and casually tell me about her past life with her ex husband.

When she telling me how sge used to help her ex husband to overcome his drug addiction battle, i was speechless because if i was in her shoes i will have no strength and courage like what she did just to save her marriage. Then, a qoute of ‘ if you dont’t have something nice to say,just keep quite’ popped out in my head. I patting her hand, the gesture of emotional support that i gave to her ( and i was in double glove during that time=) ).

The experince that she had facing was so bizzare for me. She felt grateful to married with her current husband and loving her the way she was. After i finished administer her antibiotic, i asked her if she would like to be turn off the light, with the terror from her eyes she said “no, just leave the light been on. I am too traumatized to sleep in the dark”. I am so overwelmed seeing her reaction and reassured her that she is in the safe place and wishing her good night. After hearing her past life story, it was not my position to judge her why she kept delirious in her sleep during my 1st previous night duty ( as we’re worked for 2 nights duty ). I thought it was the effect of the medication, but actually it was the effect of the trauma that she had experince from the years that she had to endured.

Lesson life that i get from this, if i have no something nice to say, i will just keep quite and give an emotional support. This is my sharing for today, until next we will meet again in my site. Stay safe everyone=).

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