If I Won The Lottery,What Would I Do?

I always dreaming of winning a lottery along my life. It was started when a few years back, i was began struggling to manage my financial due to dragging myself a huge amount of debt. Since then, i keep dreaming of winning a lottery. And of course, i will asking myself if i won the lottery what would i do?

If i won the lottery, of course first thing i’ll do is payoff my debt. I’ve been in debt for almost 10 years, it was a BIGGEST mistake i ever done in my life after i swore i won’t take any loan or debt after my study loan ( which is i still struggling paying it off now). Total of my debt is $84800.00! I know how suck i am, that’s why if i won the lottery ( no matter what amount or how big the amount is) this is the first thing i will do.

If i won the lottery, i’ll adding my current invesment and buying some stock to topup my current invesment. I just starting my investment last month which is quite late for a middle ages like me. When i add up my investment when winning a lottery, the investment is for my retire program and i use it to futher my study in Degree in Nursing.

With the money that i won from the lottery,i want to buy a land to build up my dream house and a shelter for the stray dogs to stay. It is because in my places the awareness of neutrising or spaying the stray animals still very low and most of the poor creature end up by been killed or been abandoned or abused by the owner, and it breaks my heart everytime the news of like this became a headlines in local news.

With the money from the lottery that i won, i’ll build up a school under my name or association under my name so that for the youngster and unfortunate family from the rural area having the opportunity to get a proper education and will not leave behind.

The money also i’ll use to fund a scholarships for youngster in rural area and those genius talented youngster, so that their talent will not get wasted or been deny just because they don’t have a proper financial source to continue their dreams.

For the money that i won,of course i want to provide a comfortable life for my parents, siblings and my small family of my own. After all the effort and endless support that they gave to me, i want to give something meaningful and appreciate their love to me.

I guess this is the only few of my dreams what will i do if i won a lottery, because actually i have thousand million dream and plan i’ve already list down. But the above that i stated up are the main dreams that i will fullfill if really win a lottery one day.

This is just for today,see you for my next topic or i’ll continue for a second chapter for this topic. Until then,i wrote off and see you next topic =)

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