A letter to myself ( teenage time)

Dear me, i’m sure right now you must in your..er i mean we’re in doubt especially on our future and who will become our boyfriend or if we have any crush?! Fret not because let me assure you that we will get married when our time has arrive and i can give you gurantee that our Mr Right is just PERFECT for us.

Dear me, i know that we’ve been dreaming to study aboard as our destination was to be study in London. It is because we love the Royal things and of course we were dreaming to become Prince William’s princess. But darling, he is not the one for us =). And we didn’t get to study in London, in fact we spending our youth day in KL and malacca..but hey,we still having fun..i promise you that we’ll never regret any of our experince during that time. Just keep praying for us, so that every obstacle that you’re been facing now will get through. Don’t worry about that. Oh..and i forget to mention that we are a survivor, because we’re not going give up in anything that we do especially when we’re been provoked by our “frenemies”.

Dear me, if you still worry about our sense of fashion or because we can’t get a smaller size of our favourite dress or attire, don’t get too hard to our body by doing an extreme diet methods. It is because there’s a time that we will get our ideal body weight, gain weight again after married and at last losing again our weight because during our 36 years in this earth, we were been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. So, just enjoy the foodie for now but don’t get too much chocolate and sweet.

Dear me,about what is our occupation for the future, well we’re somebody that helping those who are sick,in need,in labour and it is a little bit of suck you know. If you still thinking about want to become a doctor, let me tell you..just forget about it because we’ll become their team and they can’t work without us (wink..wink!). Just keep study smart and keep praying for the best for us.

Dear me, take care of your mental health and well being. Because we’ll end up having a panic attack and anxiety due to some unfortunate event in our life during our late twenties. So from now on, learn how to be cool and chilling. Whatever mummy and daddy said about us, just brace yourself because we’re going to be somebody during our late thirties. Just keep praying.

Dear me, one more thing i would like to tell you is that we’re not going to be a mother because of our health issue. So don’t worry about having or facing of experience the agony of giving birth a child =). I want you to keep learn and keep our heart become strong as we can’t shut the people’s fucking mouth by keep asking a damn question when will we having a child.

Dear me, before i’m taking off this letter, i want you to know that we will be fine and don’t get ashamed of our body anymore. Because we have a great skin that during our thirties we still looking young, younger than our youngest sisters and brothers n_n. Just embrace everything you facing now and keep praying, so that we can get through our dreams till our last breath.

Yours truly,


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